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Tirta Empul - Tampak Siring Holy Water Temple

The Tirta Empul is otherwise known as the Tampak Siring temple and is a holy spring water temple situated in the Tampak Siring Village in the Gianyar regency about 40km east of the centre of Denpasar. The trip to Tirta Empul is no exception and is located within a hill where it has been set for centuries encircled by the hill. Founded by the first president and changed to its current name from the original names of Tirta Ri air Humpul which means the emerging water or holy pool and Petirthan which means water emerging from the land. Tirta Empul is about an hours drive from the airport and is even closer if you are staying in Sanur. The trip is also excellent, if not better if you are coming from Ubud.

Tirta Empul

The holy spring itself is set into the mountain and now has a temple built around the natural opening meaning the water that emerges from the ground is the center piece of the Temple. The Tirta Empul is unlike any of the other temples for this reason and has one of the oldest histories of all the temples in Bali. It is said that it was first deemed holy in 882 by king Indrajayasinghawarmadewa who first began to develop the temple that you see today. The water was said to be the definitive creation as it was fresh, clean and was rising out of the ground itself. The understanding was that all of the water in the world originates from this source or at least that it was extremely important for the life of the island.

Tirta Empul 2